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TII Annual Conference 2015

TII's 2015 Annual Conference is taking place in Singapore from 18-20 May in collaboration with Bio-Asia and also offers a unique opportunity to discover Singapore's leading edge innovation economy. See also the conference website at http://verlion.com.sg/TII-BioAsia2015.

In 2015, TII will once again take its annual conference outside of Europe to one of the most dynamic innovation hotspots in the world – Singapore. Consistently ranked in the top ten most innovative countries, our programme will offer an opportunity to see first hand the initiatives, resources and experiments that have helped Singapore become best in class in the international innovation leagues.

Innovation is recognized as a key contributor to countries’ growth and competitiveness. Yet creating the environment for sustainable innovation that has economic and social impact is difficult and costly.  At the TII 2015 conference we intend to take a fresh look at innovation – hence the title “Innovating Innovation” – to highlight new trends and developments which improve innovation outcomes for the benefit of science, business and society.

Monday 05/18/2015 - 05/20/2015 Singapore


NMWP.NRW Event 'Functional Materials'

NMWP.NRW Event 'Functional Materials'

Remscheid, 06 May 2015
Venue: Center of Applied Shape Memory Technology

ZAF Funktionale Materialien 1
ZAF Funktionale Materialien 2

Wednesday Remscheid