March 2016

4th Transnational ENEX Project meeting in Lodz

From 30 to 31 March 2016, the 5th ENEX TPM took place in the Polish city of Lodz. The event took place over a day and a half at the Faculty of Management. The aim of the project is the elaboration of an e-learning course for professionals, which provides specific know-how on the economic use of nanotechnological research results. The ENEX project consists of four outputs:

- ENEX Competence Profile

- ENEX Curriculum

- ENEX e-learning course

- Guidelines for validating and assessment of the course

With the competency profile output 1 is now completed. As agreed, company surveys were carried out and a directive for interviews with students was presented. The implementation of the course will be done using Moodle, a corresponding design will go online in the coming weeks.

The ENEX course was rated excellently several times by the German National Agency and is one of the most highly rated projects currently being funded.

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Workshop/Pilot training “Innovation management” at the University of Lodz

ENEX pilot training at the University of Lodz

On 11-12th March 2016 ENEX pilot training was conducted at the Faculty of Management, University of Lodz. The scope of the pilot touched the problems of knowledge commercialisation with a particular focus on nanotechnology. The pilot combined lectures and workshops on the following topics:

  • Introduction to nanotechnology in business
  • Assessment of market value of the knowledge/technology
  • Preparation of technology offer and assessment of market value
  • Choosing the best strategy for its commercialization
  • Technology commercialization – cases in higher education


The group of 22 participants consisted mainly of researchers from the higher education institutions. They were awarded a certificate of participation.

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