September 2016

5th Transnational ENEX Project meeting in Bucharest

The 5th ENEX TPM took place in the Rumanian city of Bucharest from September 19th to 20th 2016. The event was hosted by the IMST institute of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. The aim of the project is the elaboration of an e-learning course for professionals, which provides specific know-how on the economic use of nanotechnological research results. The ENEX project consists of four outputs:

- ENEX Competence Profile

- ENEX Curriculum

- ENEX e-learning course

- Guidelines for validating and assessment of the course

In project management, the project coordinator INTAMT had a change of personnel, since the end of August 2016 Daniel Bleich has been the new ENEX project manager. Within the framework of the meeting, the conference focused on the progress of the curriculum development and the e-learning platform.

The development of the curricula is almost finished and should be completed in the coming weeks. While there was little discussion about the subject content, it was intensively discussed how teaching contents can be communicated as appealing as possible. The concern was particularly to illustrate the contents of the lectures, based on videos, short presentations and graphs, thus illustrating the real value of the respective technology. Each submodule will be completed in the future with a short quiz, which serves to deepen and repeat the learned material.

It was also discussed how to adapt the online platform to create the most interactive and responsive learning environment possible. In order to secure the professional claim as well as the value of the course, transfer queries and case studies have to be processed in the final examination. A correspondingly large pool of questions will make it unlikely that questions in the final examinations repeat and therefore, answers cannot be memorized.

The certificate itself is issued and signed by all participating partners.

In the coming months, the top priorities will be the start of pilot trainings and the final completion of the learning content. As the first multiplier event, the ENEX project will be presented at the NRW Nano-Conference in early December. Within the framework of the conference, a first example module will also be presented to visualize the possibilities and objectives of the course.

The visit was concluded with a multi-hour guided tour of various nanotechnological institutes. The university has been funded extensively within the framework of an EU program and is now one of the leading institutions in the field of surface analysis in the world.

The ENEX course was rated excellently several times by the German National Agency and is one of the most highly rated projects currently being funded

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