December 2016

ENEX at the NRW Nano Conference in Munster

From December 7th to December 8th, the NRW Nano Conference, the most important nanotechnological conference in Germany, took place in Münster. The application and development of nanotechnological research was the subject of numerous lectures and discussions. The conference focused particularly on the interface between research and industry as well as innovative methods for linking. Exactly here, ENEX offers modern and sustainable solutions for research and industry - with a future-oriented training course.

It was the first dissemination event of the ENEX project. In the course of the poster session, we had the opportunity to hold numerous interesting discussions and to present the ENEX project to a boarder international public. Several companies, networks and representatives of educational institutions have expressed their interest in becoming partners of the ENEX project and furthermore promised to share information on the ENEX project in their respective networks. A very positive feedback showing that the project idea and the current implementation correspond to the needs of both companies and research facilities. Inter-European cooperation as well as the prospect of international cooperation were also praised. The project coordinators will deepen the newly established contacts in the coming weeks in order to gain additional dissemination opportunities for the upcoming pilot trainings and the final project year until the release of the e-learning platform.

In the picture (f.l.t.r) the former project leader Dr. Heinz G. Brückelmann (now: NMWP.NRW), ENEX project partner Dr. Martin Bennink (Saxion University, MESA +) and the current project leader Daniel Bleich (INTAMT).

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